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Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge is run by a team of volunteers. It’s a love gig we do for the passion of our motto:”Building carts, building community”. Recently Rotary Castlemaine have come on board and brought their well oiled organising machine to make sure this event not only survives but thrives and continues the tradition into the future.

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The backstory

Castlemaine is known around the country as the ‘Home of the Hot Rod’. We believe Castlemaine also owns the title of ‘Billy Cart Capital of Australia’. Possibly the world. Any towns out there want to challenge us on that one? Bring it on.

Race Day Fun

On race day we encourage you to get as creative as you can. Weird and whacky are welcome here. It’s Castlemaine after all. Get dressed up, then dress your kids up, bring the dog (on a lead) and dress him/her/them in a tutu or whatevs, just get involved.

Race Day Information